Whatever type of photography you desire, whether it is for personal or commercial purposes, for commemorative or simply for vanity - we have you covered and can offer all types of photographic services.

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Videography services for something as personal and cherished as a wedding ceremony or birthday celebration, right through to marketing promos, corporate events and festivals, even music videos - BlinxFoto are proud to offer this service.

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Editing And Restoration

It may be that you have photos or video footage from holidays or another occasion that you have taken yourself and would like to be visually enhanced or perhaps edited to play alongside music in a cinematic montage - this and many other creative services are available also.

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We have worked with individuals on their model portfolios and also turned up at children's birthday parties to capture the mania - We love what we do and this is conveyed in the way we conduct our business and also the way we deliver services to our customers - many choose to use us again and again.

We use varied equipment depending on the type of shoot and have simply masses of innovative ideas to get the very best from our subjects during a session.

For many of us, having a photo taken can be a cringeworthy experience and even stressful, especially in this day and age where the images we see are generally edited so much that they rarely resemble those first taken - We are determined to buck this trend and although we can edit photos and can use software to get results, the true essence of being a photographer is to simply take great pictures without the need for anything else to be involved.

Our results speak for themselves.



We welcome you.

BlinxFoto welcome any and all enquiries and we endeavour to respond to each individually.