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What the Future Holds for Photography and Photographers

With new technology and platforms continuously developing, the future of photography appears to be very bright, and you only have to look at posts appearing on social media sites like Instagram as proof of this. Here are a few trends that will influence photography in the future: 1: AR and VR are already being utilized […]

5 Reasons Why Handheld Cameras Are Still Essential for Photography

Photography has come a long way since the days of film cameras, and with the advent of smartphones and their increasingly advanced cameras, it might seem like the handheld camera is a thing of the past. But, before you go trade in your trusty handheld, wait a moment, despite the convenience and accessibility of smartphone […]

Getting The Best From Your Kit

There are several different composition techniques that you can use to take your photographs from boring to interesting. Often just a small change can create a big impact. Are you finding yourself using the same center focused composition time and again? Try using the rule of thirds instead. Are you always photographing at eye level? Change your perspective and […]