How Photography Has Changed Over the Last 100 Years

Since its invention in the early nineteenth century, photography has gone a long way. Cameras in the early days of photography were enormous and cumbersome, needing long exposure periods and a lot of light to create a quality image. As a result, most images from this era consisted of immobile subjects, such as landscapes or still life’s, and anything else captured invariably the results were very sub-par.

Camera technology has advanced greatly over the years, allowing photographers to capture more dynamic subjects. Japanese Brands like Nikon and Canon have stolen the light from the German brands that dominated the worlds camera market until the 70’s. 

The advancement of ever quicker films and digital sensors has enabled photographers to shoot images in lower light situations and at faster shutter speeds, allowing them to freeze action and capture motion.

The transition from film to digital has been one of the most important advances in photography over the last 100 years.

This has also meant many new and often cheaper brands popping up on online marketplaces, the competition is encouraging better quality for less cost in some cases.

Digital photography has made it easier and more economical for people to shoot and share images, as well as opening up new options for post-processing and alteration. Digital cameras have also made it feasible to rapidly examine and delete photographs, saving time and money on film and development costs.

Another significant shift has been the introduction of smartphones with built-in cameras. These technologies have enabled anybody to capture high-quality images at any time and share them with the world via social media and other internet channels.

Though it is unlikely that smartphone camera will replace handheld cameras any time soon.

In summary, photography has come a long way in the last 100 years, with significant advances in camera technology, techniques and until digital became “a thing”, even the film itself, and the switch from film to digital has been groundbreaking.

These changes have made it easier and more affordable for people to take and share photos, and have opened up new possibilities for photographers.

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